#ConstruyeTuMarca in La Aventura del Saber de RTVE

Open Madrid University, UDIMA yand Spanish Television offer you their free “Personal Branding” course. You can see the class on Facebook here, and the rest can be found at http://www.udima.es/es/marca-personal.

Facebook is the social network that revolutionized the world. By empowering ordinary people to share their opinions of products and brands on a worldwide scale, it changed marketing forever. In order to manage their brands’ relationship with consumers, companies were forced to adapt to the new reality that Facebook and other social networks have created.

In the same way, we as individuals must adapt to the new social media reality and learn to manage our personal brand in a way that helps us achieve our objectives. We will analyze several tools that Facebook provides, beyond just the personal profile, that allow us to build and promote our personal brand.



Marak in Noticias Cuatro

The New Television.

Television, as we know and watch it, will change forever in a few months. And our experience, sitting down in front of a television, will also be different. A device Creates a second screen between our current two-dimensional TV and us. It works with a system of virtual layers. It’s a new optical reality that is changing our environment. Web content and supporting information appear in the layer closest to the viewer, and behind that we will continue watching the television program itself. We will say goodbye to the system of windows but without losing sight of the TV screen. The technology is also capable of 3D viewing with the help of special glasses.

Marak in InGameExperience

InGame EXPERIENCE is a new entertainment experience. A unique event where you and your friends will experience interesting activities, fun contests, exciting games and together with your favorite YouTubers.

Maria Garcia Quintana is well positioned to discuss InGame EXPERIENCE and the YouTuber phenomenon. In addition to leading the Digital Marketing agency Marak, she also manages MarakGames, creator of the Juego de Drones Challenge. Maria Garcia Quintana will share with us her insights on social networks and the YouTube phenomenon.

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