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4 digital marketing misconceptions that are more common than you think

The digital environment provides us with many options for creativity and strategy, but in such a saturated environment we can fall into simply copying or reaffirming erroneous ideas that others share. We tell you 4 beliefs that you should review.

1. Believing that you can easily create viral content

What makes content go viral, i.e. be seen and shared by hundreds of thousands of people? There is still no perfect formula. There are trends that everyone ends up replicating in order to make content that transcends: Buzzfeed-like lists, Playground-like videos, Pictoline-style illustrations… but eventually they become institutionalized and cease to be novel.
Saying “let’s make a viral video” is a very difficult promise to keep. A video with 100 likes is not viral. Rather than promising virality, focus on the quality of the content as well as the message that will click in the minds of internet users.

2. Believing that it is mandatory to use new apps and technology.

Hovering drone that takes pictures of city sights
There are currently more than four million 200 thousand apps for iOS and Android, but only a handful are massively used. If you ask young students or creatives to think of an idea for digital they are likely to answer Snapchat, Facebook Live or Pokémon Go. Every now and then, digital platforms emerge that become relevant and popular, so there is a natural instinct to use them to try to connect with consumers.

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