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New job interviews will be in Virtual Reality

Considered the year of Virtual Reality, this 2016 has seen how a technology that has been seeking to reach everyone for 30 years has finally made its way into homes and households with devices such as. HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR or PlayStation VR, which arrives this week. But now that VR is in everyone’s hands is when we can see applications beyond gaming entertainment. For example, in the business world with this virtual job interview model.

Virtual Reality Interviews

When it comes to writing a resume, some people just put the skills and experience they have, although there are also those who have told a little lie -or have directly invented 90% of it, like Anna Allen from Cuéntame. Lying on your CV can sometimes pay off if you don’t get caught, but what if you had to do a live demonstration to certify that you know how to do what you say you do? Well, that is what Lloyds Banking Group has set out to do, and to do so, there is nothing better than to take advantage of the possibilities that Virtual Reality offers in this aspect to use it in the direct assessment of a candidate’s skills.

The British financial firm has created a type of interview in which job candidates must put on a VR device and solve situations in a virtual environment to test how well they perform practically before being approved or rejected for the position.

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Source: As Betech

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